The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2011...
Part D

Last Updated:  Sunday 31 July 2011, 23:35 EST
An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Excerpts from Konstruktion, Bau und Betrieb von Funkeninduktoren...
The ABC Of The X-Ray - W. H. Meadowcraft
The American X-Ray Journal - William Rollins on X-Light Tubes
Practical Electro-Therapeutics - Campbell Electric Corporation
Electrodes For Galvanic And Faradic Treatments - McIntosh Electric
TB Kinraide File:  Excerpts from GA Frei, Spring Park Laboratory,
Swett & Lewis Co
Maison & Swan Catalogue
Edward S Ritchie Induction Coil Experiments - 1860
E. S. Ritchie & Sons Catalogue
Edward Trevert - Something About X-Rays For Everyone
Victor Red Book Of Physical Therapy Appliances
Shinn Double Toepler Holtz Machine
Fr. Nicholas Callan, Induction Coil Pioneer
On A New Galvanic Battery - Rev. Nicholas Callan
On The Stratification Of Electric Light by Rev. T. R. Robinson
A Brief Account Of An Induction Coil Of Great Power
Rev. Nicholas Callan
On An Induction Coil Of Great Power, and
the effects of connecting plates to the ends
of the secondary coil - Rev. N J Callan

A Description of an Electro-magnetic Repeater,
or of a machine by which the connexion between the
Voltaic Battery and the helix of an Electro-magnet may be
broken and renewed several thousand times in the space of
one minute.
Rev. N. J. Callan
Description Of The Most Powerful Electro-Magnet Yet Constructed
Rev. N. J. Callan
Callan's Great Induction Coil - Fleming
On The Induction Apparatus 29. Sept 1857 - Rev. N. J. Callan
From the National Science Museum in Maynooth Ireland!
Replica Miniature Callan Induction Coil Test
12. May 2011 Tests
More From Maynooth Ireland:  Callan's Medium Sized Induction Coils
and Condensers
Replica Rhumkorff Style Induction Coil
Rhumkorff Coil for Charging Condensers for Frank
1883 McIntosh Atkinson Frictional Static Machine
Atkinson Static Machine YouTube video
Atkinson Toepler Holtz Machine High Resolution Static Spark Photo
Making Toepler Holtz Static Machine Disks
High Tension Rhumkorff / Shock Coil
Making a Toepler Holtz Machine
Toepler Holtz Static Induction Apparatus
For Treating Nervous Disorders
Campbell L High Frequency Coil
Piffard Hyperstatic Transformer Experiments
with Toepler Holtz and Scheidel Western
Tesla Coil
Edwards Floor Model High Frequency X-Ray Coil
On Electricity - Robert Steavenson (1778) and W E Steavenson (1884)
Piffard Hyperstatic Experiments 2
Piffard Hyperstatic Experiments Movie 1
Piffard Hyperstatic Experiments Movie 2
Youth Energy and Health are YOURS with DeMooy Violet Ray
Clover Leaf Tube Pointers (Green & Bauer X-Ray Tubes)
McIntosh Portable No 1 High Frequency Coil & Books
Spitz Products (Violet Rays, High Frequency Coils...Really neat!)
George W. Fairbanks:
Maker of Davis & Kidder Magneto Electric Machines
Ralph C. Browne Coil - LE Knott Apparatus
Spitz Violet Ray
Aristocraft BD-10 Violet Ray
Tesla Days In Philadelphia
Toepler Holtz Static Electric Machine for Electrostatic Experiments
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