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Replica Miniature Callan Induction Coil Test

Unusual mini induction coil - replica uses early Callan concepts...

The bobbin core is a piece of 1/2" plastic rod...
Onto this I wound 6 layers of 26 gauge varnished iron wire, 87 TPL...  This formed the core winding.
On top of this I wound 87 turns (in 2 layers) of 18 gauge copper wire for the primary coil.
Finally I wound 6 more layers of 26 gauge iron wire for the secondary coil.

I then connected the outermost turn of the helical core to the innermost turn of the secondary coil, leaving the innermost core
winding and the outermost secondary coil winding for the output...

I decided to test the coil with a solid state lamp dimmer circuit, as the ones used for igniton coils.  Primary coil had roughly 87 turns,
Secondary coil had 1044 turns roughly.  I decided to test the output of the coil in a Tesla Coil circuit to power a small
"Violet Ray" coil using a .22 mfd cap...

(C) Jeff Behary, 2011