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Piffard Hyperstatic Experiments with
Toepler Holtz machine and Scheidel Western Coil

Some time ago Dan bought what we thought was a 6" induction coil from Scheidel Western.  We couldn't get it to spark for nothing!
So opened the case, and WOW!  A weird Tesla Coil...

Something like a 50 turn Primary and 100 - 150 turn Secondary!

Last night was EUREKA!  I got a small static machine of his working - and decided to see if was like the Piffard!

We were getting 2 - 3" sparks with a 3/4" gap on the static...

The interesting bit was in complete darkness though.  The left terminal gave off a pure positive branch 4-5" in all directions 
- and the right post gave a negative plume 1.5" or so in all directions.  There were no signs of brush discharge whatsoever,
unless a wire bridged to the two points just beyond sparking distance.  It was a very unique experience!

This Lord Armstrong photo matches what we saw exactly!
More on Piffard below!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2011