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Electrotherapy Museum
Forgotten Tesla Technologies

Updates from 2011

The Tesla Machinist:  A Four-Part Video of Winding A Tesla Coil
High Frequency Induction Coil
High Frequency Induction Coil, Reworked
Kilowatt Tesla Coil
New Years 2011 Sparks
Adjustable Capacitor Tesla Coil Tuner
Vacuum Experiments 1
Adrian Lost His Shoes
Electrocryptoscope:  Seeing the invisible and near invisible
Tesla Experiment - Pushing the voltage in an X-Ray Tube to the limit:
Glass softens, even melts, brush issues out of the anode side - yet
vacuum remains intact
Flaming Arc Experiments
Super Coil!
YouTube Video:  Super Coil
YouTube Video:  Electrocryptoscope
YouTube Video:  Flaming Arc Tests
Tesla Clock
Model T Ignition Coil Powered Tesla Coil
Threaded Coil Forms for Tesla Coils (64 TPI)
Tesla / Niagara Falls, Part 1
Tesla / Niagara Falls, Part 2
My Dad's Christmas Present:
A Tesla X-Ray Machine crossed with a Violin!
36" Frictional Static Machine
Static Crown Breeze Electrode
Steampunk Kinraide Coil 2011
Christmas at Dans!
YouTube Video:  Steampunk Kinraide Coil 2011
Static Experiments with Christmas Tree Balls
Quartz Detectors and Homemade UV Lamps
Some Pancake Coil Discharges to my arm
YouTube:  Winter Frictional Electrostatic Machine Movie
Experiments - making 1800s rubber...
15" Disk Winter Machine Reproduction
15" Disk Winter Machine Collectors
Replica Carre Dielectric Machine
Automatic Electrophorus
Wool / Acrylic Frictional Static Electric Machine
YouTube video of 15" Winter Machine Replica
Simplified Acrylic / Wool Frictional Disk Static Machine
Toepler Holtz Machine for Static Experiments
Static Machine made from Wood, Wool, and CPVC
36" Static Machine
Who invented Tesla's Speedometer?
The question points to Stead Asquith!
Replica Miniature Callan Induction Coil Test
12. May 2011 Tests
More From Maynooth Ireland:  Callan's Medium Sized Induction Coils
and Condensers
Replica Rhumkorff Style Induction Coil
Rhumkorff Coil for Charging Condensers for Frank
Making Toepler Holtz Static Machine Disks
High Tension Rhumkorff / Shock Coil
Making a Toepler Holtz Machine
Toepler Holtz Static Induction Apparatus
For Treating Nervous Disorders
Piffard Hyperstatic Experiments 2
Piffard Hyperstatic Experiments Movie 1
Piffard Hyperstatic Experiments Movie 2
Tesla Days In Philadelphia
Toepler Holtz Static Electric Machine for Electrostatic Experiments
Cenco Hyvac and Megavac:  Striations in Geissler Tubes
YouTube Video:  Exhausting A Geissler Tube