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The museum is a strong supporter of The Internet Archive and has been scanning and uploading its library over the last few years.  It is only 50% finished because of recent acquisitions from General Electric and generous donations from private collectors.  It has been a huge undertaking, considering the "curator" is currently the only employee.  In recent  years I've scanned and uploaded more than 250,000 pages at high resolution 600 dpi colour.  Many of these books were banned or are the last surviving copies.  It has been a mission of the museum to preserve this knowledge in the best quality possible for future generations at any cost.  This has been a motto since the beginning 28 years ago.

In addition to scanning historical texts, the museum also regularly compiles and publishes books and articles - many of which can be found below.  (Please credit the museum with any information used on this website or from The Internet Archive.)

In addition to books that have fallen out of copyright, the library at the museum contains many modern books which cannot be archived.  These however can be seen in person when visiting the museum.  

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