The Turn Of The Century
Electrotherapy Museum
Forgotten Tesla Technologies

Updates from 2009


A Series Of High Resolution Electrographs recreating Tesla's Phantom Streams
Experimental Pancake Coil for producing Brush Discharges
4" Induction Apparatus Powering A Tesla Coil
4" Capacity Induction Apparatus
A Simple Design For a 4 - 6" Induction Coil
A New Design Of Compact Induction Coil
A New Design Of Induction Coil
Making Spiderweb, Honeycomb, and Pancake Radio Coils
Concept For Tesla Ignition System
(based on James Seeley  and Nikola Tesla's work)
A New Design Induction Coil
Radio Inductance-Induction Coil Powered By a Low Voltage Tesla Coil Circuit To Power A High Voltage Tesla Coil
A Compact 1.5KW Tesla Coil (36" tall x 9" diameter total)
24" Discharges
Low Voltage Spark Gap Tesla Coil Operated from 240VAC Directly
8.5 mfd Motor Start Capacitor, Micrometer Spark Gap...
Low Voltage Spark Gap Experiments - Induction Coils Experiments
Tesla Coil powered Tesla Coil Experiments
FIRE!  Awesome testing of my latest invention:  the Super MOT.
Super MOT - Turning scrap microwave transformers into Tesla Coil transformers...
Recent Spark Gaps...
Disassembling an Unpotted Neon Transformer!
Unpotting a Neon Transformer!
Halloween Tesla Coil - Housed in modern Acrylic and Polycarbonate
New Slim and Trim 3-Series Self-Cooled Spark Gaps
New Spark Gaps
A Modern Steam Punk Tesla Coil In Vintage Style
Striations from Crookes Tube
Hardening a vacuum with a Tesla Coil
A coffee table of gadgets to demonstrate for some Ukraine visitors
Continued Pancake Coils for Phantom Streams,
Thanks to Brian Foley!
Tesla / Oudin Coil Tests:  250 T Secondary (quadruple silk covered wire)
4.5" x 9.75" Secondary - 7500V 60mA NST Powered (.006 mfd)
Inside Out Tesla Coil:
Primary Coil on the inside,
Secondary on the outside.
Tesla Impedance Coil
"Tesla Hairpin Circuit"
Operation Photos of Point - Plane Rectifier Pancake Coil System
YouTube video documenting Phantom Streams
Using an Oscilloscope Tube to show Phantom Streams
30W Pancake Tesla Coil Producing Phantom Streams
30W Tesla Coil Tuner
Snappy White Sparks and Hot Ribbon Sparks
4 Kilowatt Pancake Coil Tests

More Quenched Spark Gap Experiments:
3/4" Diameter Tungsten Dual Hydrocarbon Quenched Spark Gap
Plate Gap with paper washers

Military Quenched Spark Gap Tests with 9" 500T Pancake Coil

YouTube video:
Flaming Arc Tests with Military Quenched Gap
Unipolar / Single Pole Kinraide Coil, Stained
Unipolar / Single Pole Kinraide Coil
Steam Punk Violet Rays In Action; Inside - Out Violet Ray Coil
(Miniature High Frequency Induction Coil)
Steampunk Violet Ray Resonator:  My interpretation of what a Violet Ray
would have looked like 20 years earlier...
More Steampunk Violet Ray Handles
Steampunk Violet Ray Double Resonator
Making a replacement Violet Ray Coil...
Experimental Tungsten Cam Spark Gap
Micrometer Spark Gap - Accurate to 1 / 10,000" and less!
Tom Vale's Mini Tesla Coil
6" Pancake Tesla Coil Operated from Power Supply
built on an Edison Record;
6" Pancake Tesla Coil Operated by Power Supply housed in 3" x 4" x 5" Cigar Box
(3-4" Sparks, only 16.5 Watts Of Power...?!)
Construction and Experimentation with dual-wire Tesla Secondary Coil
Baby Tesla Coil, 1.9" x 8.875". 
1KW Input Power
Micrometer Spark Gap Inspired By Thomas Burton Kinraide
Interesting Conical Micrometer Spark Gap - Tesla Coil power supply built in a cigar box!
Behary Tesla Powered Static Machine Details

YouTube Video:

YouTube Electrotherapy Museum Video Part 1 of 3

YouTube Electrotherapy Museum Video Part 2 of 3

YouTube Electrotherapy Museum Video Part 3 of 3
YouTube 8 minute 22 second Video:  The Quest For Kinraide
(Details of the earliest surviving Tesla Coils from 1897-1899)
Experimental Portable Tesla Apparatus:  Combination d'Arsonval (Diathermy) / Tesla Pancake Coil

YouTube Video:
Featured Tesla Coil:  1650V 10mA coil producing cold sparks
Featured Tesla Coil:  1650V 10mA coil producing hot  sparks
Unpotting And Measuring Master Violet Ray Coils
Reproduction Kinraide Static Machine
Tesla Coil Rectifier, uses Point - Plane electrodes
Protocakes:  Nine Pancake Coils for Studying Electrical Discharges

2.  Construction Photos
3.  Testing Photos / YouTube Video
Time Lapse Photos of Kinraide Coils:  Phantom Streams and Brush Discharges
9" Pancake Coil with 9" Discharges
03 June 2009 - Tesla Coil / d'Arsonval Fireworks or Spark-lers

You Tube video:
YouTube Video:  12" Discharges from an 8.25" Diameter Pancake Coil
Mesh Fiberglass Tape Reinforced Wax Pancake Coils
Lower Frequency Flat Spiral Pancake Coils.  Initial Testing.
Operating a Tesla Coil from low voltage Sinusoidal Outputs of an A.S. Aloe Diathermy Machine (less than 25 volts)

Non-Inductive Leads to Tesla Pancake Coils;
Tesla Pancake-Coil Powered Static Machine
The Real Use For Brass Bed Balls
Pancake Coil Experiments
Tar and Paraffin Wax insulated Pancake Coil
Completed Bipolar Tesla Pancake Coil - 9kV 120mA, .004 mfd, 4-series Tungsten Spark Gap
9kV 120mA Twin Pancake Tesla Coils, 9" Flat Spiral Pancakes (26 AWG)
Experiments with Lichtenberg Figures On Wax / Black Tar Composition
330T Pancake Coil For Producing Positive Phantom Streams with
a negatively charged ball terminal
6" Pancake Coil for Producing Negative Streamers terminating in Positive Streamers
(Phantom Streams)
High Frequency Induction Coil / Bipolar Pancake Coil
Experimental Adjustable Spark Gap - Tungsten + Hydrocarbon Gas
Low Voltage DC Powered Tesla Coil, using a Relay and an Electromagnet
Turpentine / Poulsen Spark Gap with 500T Pancake Coil
Powered by Microwave Oven Transformer
Turpentine / Poulsen Spark Gap - Details of 2nd Day Tests
Poulsen Arc Hydrocarbon Spark Gap - Copper-Carbon, Turpentine powered
Cip's Second Tesla Coil
Happy New Years 2009:
Twelve Foot Long Carbide Cannon
A Hint of 2009
Tesla Coil Powered By A Contactor / Relay
Hydrogen / Hydrocarbon Spark Gap
Cip's First Tesla Coil
Poulsen / Duddell Singing Arc Powered Tesla Coil - Initial Experiments

The Creation Of A Tesla Lecture Coil:
1. Universal Tesla High Frequency Lecture Coil
2. Tesla Lecture High Frequency Induction Coil - 6" Spark Capacity
3. Baby Bipolar Tesla Pancake Coils
4. Making a small 4" Pancake Coil, 1000 turn secondary coil...
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, with Water-Cooled Copper Plate Spark Gap
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, Varnished, with movie.