The Turn Of The Century
Electrotherapy Museum
Forgotten Tesla Technologies

Updates from 2006:

Prototype Strong-Ovington Apparatus:
Dr. Strong's Condenser Terminal's!
Prototype Strong-Ovington Apparatus
Testing Phase I...
Christmas Coils for Brian and Frank (and Jeff)
Secondary Coil for Strong-Ovington Apparatus

Curious Zig-Zag Discharges...
Adjustable Frequency Tesla Coil Power Supply
Testing a 16" Pancake Coil Galleryl

Movie 1 - Flat Spiral Coil - 16" Diameter

Movie 2 - Flat Spiral Conical Coil - 14" Diameter
Flat Spiral To Conical Coil - Testing a
Modified Form of Kinraide "Jackson Coil"
A Selection Of Early Tesla Coils and
Cross Sections Of Pancake Coils
Frank and his amazing Tesla Lamps!
Complete Half Size Tesla Induction Coil:
An interesting look at a classic forgotten
Tesla Coil design.
22 October 2006 Weekend Projects:
Floor Model Pancake Tesla Coil,
1890s Tesla High Frequency Induction Coil,
Prototype Flaming Arc Twin Pancake Coil
Half-Size Tesla Induction Coil
A bipolar Pancake Coil with the primary coil on the
inside.  Each half of the primary has 25 turns, each
secondary coil has 120 turns.  Discharge is over 4"
Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!
Long Island New York Photos!
Tesla "Pancake Coils": 
Redefining Tesla Technologies
Arcing Pancakes - Testing Phase I
Machined from scratch in two days...a bipolar Tesla /
Kinraide Coil modified for low voltage high current

Kinraide Reproduction Electrode:
Point / Limitless Plane Electrode

In particular, note the following discharges:
TCFSparks1:  Point is even with the surface of the plane
TCFSparks2:  Point is retracted inside of plane
TCFSparks3:  Point is protruding from plane
Huge Quenched 5-Series Spark Gap
Campbell D Restoration:  Cast Knobs
Electrotherapy Museum Name Plates
Gigantic 16-Series Quenched Spark Gap
August 2006 Sparks
Rita is away so I made some noise and photographed
the two Tesla Coils below in action at night...
8" Twin Pancake Tesla Coil
Operated with a 10kV 23mA Neon/OBIT Transformer,
.01 Mica Transmitting Capacitor, and 4-Series
Reproduction Osborn Spark Gap (originally made by
H. G. Fischer for Thompson Plaster Cabinets)
7" Twin Pancake Tesla Coil with 2900 BPS
Rotary Break - 50-100W, 9" maximum
Movie of Twin Pancake Tesla Coil
100 Watt Twin Pancake Tesla Coil
with Rotary Spark Gap - 8" Discharges!
Pancake Tesla Coil Operated with Carpentier Style Interrupter:  Electric Autographs

This coil was producing snake-like strobing negative discharges 4-5" long, interposed with very distinct branching positive discharges 3" long.  Current consumption:  100 watts at 110VAC.
4th of July Fireworks Kinraide Style:
Electric Discharges:  Snakelike Streamers &
Branching Discharges

    1.  On 8x10 Paper                 2.  On X-Ray Film
Lichtenberg Figures in Crookes vacuum
These figures are unfortunately unclear due to the near
impossible circumstances of trying to photograph them -
they were created using a burned out Edison bulb with
a straight filament.  The filament heavily bombarded
was spinning around the tube, and when it hit the glass
formed rapid moving Lichtenberg Figures.

      1.  Images                               2.  Movie
Gaiffe Gallot Mercury Interrupter
Frank found a real gem here!  He won't tell me when he gets it up and running, because he knows I'll fly there and will never leave!!
Figure 1:  Tesla Oscillator
For Experimental Use
Tesla Patent 583,593:  Electric Circuit
Controller that charges the condensers
in parallel and discharges them in series
Figures 4 & 7:  Misc. Tesla Oscillators
with mechanical breaks
Tesla Oscillator for Ignition Purposes:
Patent 609,250
A Tesla Coil for igniting gas engines - a "Tesla" ignition coil.
Tesla Oscillator with Mercury Interrupter:
Patent 609,248

This patent utilizes a liquid-to-liquid "make", with an insulating
disk used to separate the liquids for the "break" duration. 
Tesla Oscillator with Mercury Interrupter:
Patent 609,24
This patent utilizes liquid-to-solid interruptions of a
centrifugal ribbon of mercury to make and break contact
with a fan blade.
Tesla Oscillator with Mercury Interrupter:
Patent 609,251
It's not perfect, but these still took forever to draw!
Tesla Oscillator For Producing Ozone
Here are some 3D renderings I made of a famous Tesla Coil.
18" Flat Spiral Coils
A weekend outdoors:  making coils and entertaining the cat.
We've recently acquired 3 large 3-phase variable transformers. ("Variacs" type transformers, manufactured by Powerstat)
Divided they form 3 single phase autotransformers.  We need only
1 unit, the other two are FOR SALE!
Reproduction Thompson Plaster Spark Gaps
These gaps are unique in that they are stationary, yet adjustable through the use of a sliding arm that short circuits the number of gaps not wanted in the circuit.  They are ideal for voltages from 3,500 - 25,000V or more.
Virtual Reproduction Thompson Plaster Spark Gap
High Energy Research Acquisitions...
1000 pounds of new components...including a massive
570 pound 25kV capacitor (.046 mfd - .460 mfd); an electro-
magnet with a 7.5" diameter x 24" tall core; some rather
unique d'Arsonval Coils...
Testing an 18" Pancake Coil
9600V 120mA Transformer; .046 mfd Condenser; 5-series
1/2" Tungsten Spark Gap; 18" OD 4" ID Pancake Coil:
One turn per layer, 21 AWG wire.

Movie:  Testing Phase I
Movie:  Testing Phase II
Violet Ray Coil Yielding 3-4" Sparks?!
With a normal Master Violet Ray Coil (operating under oil) I was able to get 3-4" sparks using my special adjustable condenser circuit.
3" Pancake Coil Testing:
Produces 2" - 4" Flaming Discharges.

Film of discharges (2.5 MB)

Film of "Dancing, Bursting Effluves"
and Flaming Discharges