Long Island, NY:  6-8 October 2006
Tesla Wardenclyffe  Project And Friends Of Science East
Tesla Conference And 150th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla's Birth

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!
Thank You to Gary Peterson and Jane Alcorn for an incredible event.
Thank You to Jim Hardesty and Bill Wysock for such incredible company and lectures.
Thank You to Jim and Ken Corum for a body of work and knowledge like no other in delivering the truth of Tesla's experiments.
Many Thanks to Graham and Nellie, Nikola Skulic, Michael Riversong, and our other friends that made a perfect weekend.

Several photos were forwarded from Jane Alcorn and Michael Riversong.

Jeff and Rita

Click here to see our video introduction:

Click here to see our presentation in PDF format:  Tesla's Tesla Coils

(The original lecture contains 30 video clips depicted by photos with dual red borders)

Graham, Bill Wysock, Gary Peterson, Jim Hardesty, Gary Johnson, Michael Riversong, Jeff Behary

Jim, Judy, Graham, Nellie, Jane, Bill, Gary, Francis, Jeff

PV Scientific Tesla Coil

PV Scientific Sectorless Static Machine

Jim Hardesty preparing a massive induction coil

PV Scientific Induction Coil - An amazing construction feat!

Jim telling the history of the Leyden Jar

Jim with Ion Motor and Franklin Bells

Sectorless Spark!

And more!

Jim charging the discs

Tesla Coil discharges

Arcs-And-Sparks and their creator...

Jim with some hair raising experiments

Bill watching some static discharges

4 - 6" sparks from Jim's Induction Coil

Hertz Resonator

Jim demonstrating Franklin Bells

Jim demonstrating the Gold Leaf Electroscope

Jim discharging a Leyden Jar

Bill Wysock after making some adjustments to the neutralizers

Both Jim H. and Bill W. deliver incredible lectures.

Two Masters Of Lightning and incredible people - Bill Wysock and Jim Hardesty

Jim talking about Bill's motor

Bill Wysock and his incredible piece of Tesla history!

A Front View Of Bill's Tesla Induction Motor

Rear view of Induction Motor

A side view of Bill Wysock's Tesla Induction Motor

Rita - Ouch! 

Rita connected to Jim's Sectorless Influence Machine

Graham doing the jitter bug and discharging Leyden Jars

Natasa Drakula - Hair Raising Experiment

At The Stanford White Building

Stanford White Building...No Trespassing

Jim and Bill having some humorous fun with the No Trespassing sign

The most valuable Tesla site in existence, behind a barbed wire fence!

Jim and Judy at the site

Jeff drinking Urquell, Jim playing the Harp

Nikola Škulic demonstrating Tesla Turbine Technologies

Gary Johnson and Gary Peterson

Jane got this wonderful photo she entitled "3 Conspirators" :)
Jim Corum, Jim Hardesty, Kenneth Corum - 3 very important people!

Rita and I heading off to the airport after the lecture.