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Assembling a Snook Interrupterless X-Ray Machine
Featured Collector Dr. Daniel Cuscela

Checking oil...first step is to check if the transformer is functional.  That thing weighs 500 pounds at least!

An inch or so low

Loose fitting screw to cover oil fill hole

Running from a variac powered by 110V only.

First gap was ca. 1"

These buckets helped with the lifting - made a nice pause between ground and a huge case!

Spring connections

Look at this wooden shaft.  I wonder if its Sitka like the Model 13M?

Rectifier feed thru insulator

Full wave rectifier, beautiful!!!!!!!!

The top section.  This thing is huge!  Taller than the car!

Historic Photo, Snook, Victor Filament Transformer, Grizzy's generous Victor Controller (formerly Bill Wysock's!, that thing
has a good 10,000 miles under its belt!), and behind the fabulous Victor Wantz.  Horray for Homer Snook and Julius Wantz.
I bet Frank H Swett, VP at Victor, knew his way around these machines!

Way cool!

Two Mcintosh Polysines.  Neither machine has the correct meter, but interesting to see minor variations.

(C) Jeff Behary , 2012