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John Lennon and the Adrian's X-Ray Machine
These photos were sent by collector Tom McKinney.  He did a fantastic job restoring this Adrian's X-Ray - but it was missing the tube.
Luckily Frank had a spare.  I told Tom a random story from Jim Hardesty about an Adrian's he experienced in NY:
Jim was walking down the street and an antique dealer was barking out for people to get their feet X-Rayed!  Jim rushed over and started
giving the man hell, "You can't do that!!" and noticed that the man whose feet he was X-Raying was none other than John Lennon.
Somehow Jim managed to get the tube out of the machine, and what I didn't know is that Frank is the one that got it.

Turns out that Tom is a huge Beatles fan, and after a phone conversation with Frank he informed me that the tube he sent was the very same from my story!
So I guess we made a Beatles fan's day.  And he made ours - beautiful restoration, and a great job restoring a Cenco Wimshurst too!  I had one of those once,
they are awesome too!  Great machine job on the sector punch too!

(C) Jeff Behary , 2012