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Virtual Tesla Coils & Components

High Resolution 3D CAD Renderings of
Alternating Current Kinraide Coil
More High Resolution 3D CAD Renderings of
Alternating Current Kinraide Coil
Exploded view of Quenched Spark Gap
used in the Kinraide Coil
Historic Tesla Coil Comparison
Thomas Stanley Curtis High Frequency Apparatus
Quenched Spark Gap / Quenched Gap Apparatus
Thomas Burton Kinraide Patent 774,759
Portable High Frequency Device and Vacuum Tube Stand
Swett & Lewis High Frequency X-Ray Tube
Tesla Bulbs
Tesla Coil Of The Future
(The real coil is on display here)
Eight Series Adjustable Binary Spark Gap:
From .001" - .254" in .001" increments!

The Tesla High Frequency Coil:  Its Construction And Uses (1910)
By:  George F. Haller and Elmer Tilling Cunningham

12" Feature Tesla Coil
Virtual Reproduction Thompson Plaster Spark Gap
Figure 1:  Tesla Oscillator
For Experimental Use
Tesla Patent 583,593:  Electric Circuit
Controller that charges the condensers
in parallel and discharges them in series
Figures 4 & 7:  Misc. Tesla Oscillators
with mechanical breaks
Tesla Oscillator with Mercury Interrupter:
Patent 609,24
This patent utilizes liquid-to-solid interruptions of a
centrifugal ribbon of mercury to make and break contact
with a fan blade.
Tesla Oscillator with Mercury Interrupter:
Patent 609,248

This patent utilizes a liquid-to-liquid "make", with an insulating
disk used to separate the liquids for the "break" duration. 
Tesla Oscillator for Ignition Purposes:
Patent 609,250
A Tesla Coil for igniting gas engines - a "Tesla" ignition coil.
Tesla Oscillator with Mercury Interrupter:
Patent 609,251
It's not perfect, but these still took forever to draw!
Tesla Oscillator For Producing Ozone
Here are some 3D renderings I made of a famous Tesla Coil.
3D Rendering of Kinraide Coil
Special Spark Gap For Producing Ozone
Behary Half Size Tesla Lecture Coil
Aloe Lightning Single Pole Electrotherapeutic Cabinet
Diathermy Machine Spark Gap
Eight-Series Fischer Kolischer Spark Gap
Kinraide Coil

Kinraide-Behary Spark Gap (Brass Disks)
This is an adjustable quenched spark gap that uses brass disks spaced
less than .015" apart. 

Kinraide-Behary Spark Gap (Graphite Plates)
Kinraide-Behary Series Quenched Gap
  All images (C) Jeff Behary, 2012