The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Museum Collection:  1800 - 1900
Carbon Arc, Ultraviolet, and Infrared Therapies


Carbon Arc Lamps
Handheld Carbon Arc Lamp 
Fischer Quartz Ultraviolet Floor Model Lamp
Life Lite Genuine Quartz Lamp (UV, Ozone)
 Feature Exhibition: Carbon Arc Lamps
 NTM Arc Lamps
 Carbon Arc Lamps
 Phototherapy / Ultraviolet Gallery
Hanovia Kromayer Lamp
Hanovia Sunette Quartz Lamp
Birtcher and Fischer Handheld Ultraviolet Quartz Lamps

Further Reading:

Kinraide / Swett & Lewis "Boston" Ultraviolet Lamp
(Iron Arc Lamp)
The Ultra Violet Rays - Swett & Lewis / Kinraide UV Lamp
Nature's Helper - Campbell Infra Red Ray Lamp
Burdick Light Therapy Magazine - January 1925
Britesun Carbon Arc Lamps
Burdick Cabinet Company Blueprints And Instructions For Quartz Lights
National Therapeutic Arc Carbons
Burdick - Infra-Red Therapy
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