The Turn Of The Century
Electrotherapy Museum
Forgotten Tesla Technologies
 1897 Tesla Oscillator Reproductions
 Large 1897 Oscillator Reproduction
 Tesla's 1897 Unipolar X-Ray Tube Experiment
 Prototype Flaming White Arc Coil
 Behary Flaming White Arc Coil
 Flaming Arc Stills Gallery
 St. Elmos Fire Gallery
Saint Elmo's Fire 27 Feb 2005
 Bipolar St. Elmos Fire Gallery
 Behary-Kinraide-Jackson Coil Reproduction
 Behary-Kinraide-Jackson Discharges
 Early Prague Coil Testing
 Pre-Installation Of Prague Coil
 Prague Coil In Operation Gallery
 Physician's Cabinet
 9" Pancake Coil Gallery
 Thomas Stanley Curtis Kicking Coil Reproductions
 50W Baby Prague Coil
 Kicking Coil Apparatus
 Bipolar Kicking Coil Gallery
 Special Interrupters For Induction/Kicking Coils
 Rochefort-Wydts Experiments
 Large Pancake Coil Winding Jig
 Pancake Magnifier System
 Details Of Pancake Coil Construction
 Misc. Pancake Photos
 Behary Style Tesla Coils
 Behary Misc. Items
 Behary Style Spark Gaps
 Tesla Coil Schematics