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Some X-Ray Experiments To Reduce Inverse Discharge
In An X-Ray Tube

Ritchie Coil Setup

Ritchie Coil Interrupter

Oscilloscope Tube showing Inverse Discharge.  Bright rear electrode is negatively charged on "break", but upon "make"
the front electrode becomes negatively charged but with a more feeble current.  This is enough to cause inverse discharge
in the tube however...

The small tube to the left has no vacuum, it only functions as a spark gap.  The spark gap reduces inverse discharge.

Here you can see a 1/2" spark and how it effects the polarity - it allows the "break" current through but holds back the "make" current.

Here is how the tube looks without the gap.  It functions, but the stream isn't quite as focused as it might be.

The gap allows things to be a bit more focused.  Note that the replica tubes were made by Lutz Neumann in our Friends and Links
page.  Excellent work!

Note the appearance of the tube if the polarity is reversed...

Here is a photo showing polarity in each leg of the circuit.  One oscilloscope is nitrogen, the other neon.

A Maltese Cross Tube, with correct polarity

Energized with the cross down

Wired in reverse

From Morton's book...

(C) Jeff Behary, 2011