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John Grizzy's New Toys
John traveled cross-country to get some amazing machines from Bill Wysock.

John claims this is heavy.  Its only 250kV, how heavy can it be?

I think they could have fit a few more wires in there somewhere...!!

That's just not fair!

I think I'm in love!  James Seeley invented this line of Tesla Coils, "Vulcan" Coils!  I have a portable X-Ray machine from them that
forever changed my view of Tesla Coils!

This one is for me!  I need to restore it a bit.  That will be a great project thanks to Bill and John!

The Thompson Plaster formerly belonged to Io, but she sold it to Bill.  Now Bill sold it to John.  At least its in the family!

Tesla's lab is in the background

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010