The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum - Brooklyn Violet Ray - Featured Collector Frank Jones
(C) Jeff Behary 2008

Jeff -
Here is the set. The HF coil is in an old tin plated steel can. Cleaned it up and it works. The cap is a replacement I am sure, it 
was not secured in the set and just rattled around. Damaged the kicker a little. It is a mica one too.
Throws a 1/2 spark as that is all the adjustment is. If you open the arm at all, it arcs to the lead/ nut.
A shocking spark for sure.
It is a true kicker circuit.
I think the cap is too big as the points really thump and has a loud growl when running.

Frank (

Cap_Mfgr_resize Cap_resize Case_resize Guts_resize HF Coil Bottom_resize
Cap_Mfgr_resize.jpg Cap_resize.jpg Case_resize.jpg Guts_resize.jpg HF Coil Bottom_resize.jpg
HF Coil Top_resize HF Coil_resize Instructions_resize Kicker_resize Lid_resize
HF Coil Top_resize.jpg HF Coil_resize.jpg Instructions_resize.jpg Kicker_resize.jpg Lid_resize.jpg
Panel_resize Points Assy_resize Power Plug_resize    
Panel_resize.jpg Points Assy_resize.jpg Power Plug_resize.jpg