The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

Moving The Fischer Interrupterless X-Ray Machine
Its not often we actually move a machine that weighs more than both of us combined.  We had a full crowd
of spectators, virtually every cat in the neighbourhood!

Can you blame me for not keeping still enough for this photo?  That's instant death, folks - 150,000 volts or more!

This is on the third weakest button...hmmm....

Synchronous Motor Rectifier uses brass contacts and a thick mica disk.

Mejla is also inspecting things.

I'm ready to eat anything I can latch my gizzard onto.

Pole changer box.

On medium - full power these resistors smell like a toaster going bad!

Io:  "How can I get up there?"

First jump on the saw horses...

...ah, I made it!

Top of Interrupterless Transformer, minus Io.

On full power this actually consumes nearly 5000 watts!  (It will occasionally trip a 250V 20A breaker on full power)

This transformer weighs more than most people!

Milo is keeping a watchful eye on progress.

Amor is a little less interested.

"Can you keep the noise down?"

Nation:  "If you don't stop making all of that noise..."

"...I'm going to hide under the box spring of your bed!"